Image & Video Complete.

Both the Image & Video page are now complete.
You may now view them.
Thank you for your hardwork in making our blog come true.


Finalized video

As you know,
we’ve finally finished the video.
Thanks to everyone for contributing especially Azlin for her effort.
We’ve did our best and this is what we could come up with.
All the hardships have paid off.

The problems we went through during the video making :
Selecting the right pictures ( as we had a bulk numbers of them, and they all look nice made us hard to choose )
Selecting the right Background Music[ BGM ]
The videos are needed to be cropped.
Enhancing the pictures graphic quality.
The files are big ( some photos are more than 1000×1000 px plus the videos too)

But here’s the finalized one made by  and Syakirah. Thank you for remaking the video.
The quality’s better and good BGM selection. Fantastic.

Discussion & Activities :Storyboard Layout DONE

We discussed and made a layout of the storyboard planning.
I then compiled them and made the layouts for the process
and transitions in a layout using Adobe Photoshop for better understanding about the process.
We may proceed to the production of the video now.
This is how the process would look like

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Discussion & Activity : Video Editing Workshop 2


Learning to use Adobe Premiere today.
It’s too complicated as there’s lots of procedures.
Will have to practice at home.
Regroup in group. Transfer files.
Picture editing. Choosing the pictures wanted.
Storyboard drafting .
Making storyboard layout.
It’s a new knowledge for us. But we must do our best for this.
Remember everyone, we must work together as a team.

Tasks done :
-Everyone in the group installed the Adobe series (only the wanted ones) in their laptops
-Storyboard planning layout (detailed, better than the previious draft)
-Background music, sound effect browsing

Tasks to be accomplished :
-Planning a script for the movie.
-Make a header for our blog.
-Make the video

Need a header for the groups’ blog : Polaroid snapshots of the scenes concept
1100 × 180 pixels

The in making header :
(But this is not final yet)

Do you have any suggestions on this?
I’ve never had any experience on header editing before.

Discussion & Activity : Video Editing Workshop


We are today atending a workshop on photo and video editing.
Learning about Adobe Photoshop about the layer properties etc.
Around noon, we learn about video producting again.
We’ve elarnt about the usage and the necessity of the tools.
Video transfer (using cable, memory stick etc),
editing (using softwares),
audio setting (sound effects, BGM),
finalizing video (touch ups and adjustments) .
The process and planning.
Wide shot, long shot, zooming, focusing, blurring,transition.

We encountered problems as there is none movie
editting software anywhere in the computers.
Thus we try to edit using Adobe Soundbooth atm.
Choosing , cropping sounds, add fade in effect.
Pitch & timing. Ex: Chipmunk. Man to female voiec, female to male voice .
Create loop : making repeatance.
EQ Graphic adjustments.
Mono sound is flat, but stereo is for both speakers, different sounds.

We’ve learnt to use making a  movie using Windows Movie Maker.
As you know, we can convert the files to different formats using severals
video converter websites available for free.
Our plan is to have the narration and the BGM at the same time,
but it’s rather hard to accomplish.
We will try to make the movie using both Windows movie maker and
Adobe Premiere and Adobe Soundbooth

It’s Zura  😀

Discussion & Activity : Putrajaya Fieldtrip

There’s no classes for this week but we’re going to
Putrajaya for a fieldtrip. After waiting at KTAM around 2pm and
started the journey around 3pm. Dr Rosseni, Pn Hazriati,
Encik Helmi, Encik Faisal, Kak Wani were here with us too.
We took a ride on a bus towards the Traesury Department first.
We ere expecting a sunny evening, but it turned out the other way
around after reaching the location. We used the knowledge we’ve gained
from the tutorials on taking photos. We’were need to take 3 different
types of pictures. Every group used the DLSR camera given by the
faculty brought by Dr Rosseni. As for our group, we used Azlins’
camera instead. Syakirah did a good job in handling the camera and
have taken some of the best shots here.
The reason of choosing Putrajaya as a photography location was a
good choice. Putrajaya itself features astounding architectural
buildings as well as the administration being located here.
And this amazed us.